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PRP Acne Scars Treatment

The PRP acne scars treatment is highly effective in helping you erase skin flaws like acne scars, marks, and keloid scars. Try the PRP injection and you’ll see amazing results within the first 3 weeks. As the collagen and elastin in your skin regenerates, regain your fabulous good looks. 

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Using Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy


PRP Acne Scars Treatment

Are you looking for some procedure that can help you get rid of all the skin damage caused by acne and breakouts? Try the PRP acne scars treatment. Platelet Rich Plasma is an absolutely safe skin care modality that can helps to heal the acne scars. The PRP serum helps erase the facial hyperpigmentation left by the breakouts and the keloid scar tissue caused by more severe acne.

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What is the PRP Acne Scars Treatment All About?

Doctors prepare the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) serum from your blood. It contains a concentration of growth factors that assist in the healing of scars. After creating the serum, your dermatologist inserts it in the acne scars and marks using an extremely fine needle. He could also choose to use numbing agents to help lower any possible discomfort. As the layer of collagen and elastin regenerates, you’ll see the flaws gradually vanishing. The entire process of the PRP acne scars treatment takes just 30 to 45 minutes to complete. And since it is a lunch-time procedure, you can expect to go back to your daily activities right away.

Where to Get the PRP Acne Scars Treatment?

Should you opt to go for the PRP acne scars treatment, you must look for a dermatologist who is also certified and has the mandatory training and licensing to perform the PRP procedure on you. Ask for testimonials from past patients and the precautions to take before and after the PRP procedure. As for the number of sessions you’ll need, that depends on the severity of the scars and marks you have and how your skin responds to the treatment. Some people have a higher concentration of platelets in their blood and that further speeds up the healing. Typically, doctors choose to give the treatment at intervals of 4 weeks.

After Effects of the Procedure

Any minimal bruising or swelling caused by the PRP injection settles within a day or two. Your dermatologist will likely apply ice packs to ensure that any minimal swelling or bruising clears in a short while. Taking pain medication like Tylenol can help with the pain. And, do remember that some amount of inflammation is a good thing because that indicates the serum is working. In addition to healing the scars, the serum attracts soft and hard tissue forming cells to the treatment site and that helps too. Because PRP therapy stimulates quick healing, you should be able to see results just after 2 to 3 sessions or within 3 months. The complete effects of the PRP acne scars treatment appear 6 to 8 months afterward.

Post-treatment Precautions

Your dermatologist will likely recommend some basic precautions to take to ensure that you get the best results from your PRP acne scars treatment. For instance, you must avoid any medication can lower inflammation levels. Protect your skin from direct sunlight for a couple of days and refrain from wearing makeup on the day of the treatment. Drinking lots of water and taking nutritious meals is also good for you skin. However, you must take care to avoid any strenuous activities and sauna and steam baths for a few days.

Opting for PRP acne scars treatment to help you get rid of your skin flaws is the best choice you can make. The procedure gives you long-term results and is not likely to cause adverse after effects or further damage to your skin. Try the treatment and look forward to beautiful, glowing skin.