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PRP Injection for Acne Scars

The PRP injection for acne scars is a simple procedure that involves creating a wonder serum from your blood and inserting it into the sections of the skin below the acne scars, marks, and keloids. As the layer of collagen and elastin rejuvenates, you’ll see the scars vanishing. 

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Using Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy


PRP Injection for Acne Scars

Using dermal fillers to reverse the scars left behind by acne is a common practice. However, the PRP injection for acne scars is an entirely natural process that can erase not just acne scars.  It can also, remove the hyperpigmentation caused by the settling of breakouts and keloid formations on the healed acne sites. Any kind of acne scars that you have including ice pick, boxcar, and rolling scars respond very well to the treatment.

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How is the PRP Injection for Acne Scars Different?

Should you choose dermal fillers for the acne scar issues you have, they are likely to have chemicals or compounds that are similar to the ones present in your body. The main downsides of such fillers are that they could cause lumping and allergic reactions. Or, they can migrate to other sections of your face. Further, they are not permanent and you’re likely to need subsequent treatments as they dissipate over time. The PRP injection for acne scars contains a natural serum that is created from your blood.

Creating the PRP Serum

Doctors prepare the PRP serum by harvesting a small sample from your forearm and place it in a centrifugal device that spins it at high speeds. After eliminating the red blood cells and white blood cells, doctors are left with a concentration of pure platelets, growth factors, cytokines, mesenchymal stem cells, and other healing agents. The preparation process takes about 15 to 30 minutes only. And, the resultant wonder PRP serum can eliminate the acne scars, naturally. It can speed the healing of wounds and rejuvenate the layer of collagen and elastin to erase the acne scars.

What is the PRP Injection Procedure?

When you sign up for the PRP injection for acne scars treatment, the dermatologist is likely to conduct a careful evaluation of your skin. Once the procedure is scheduled, you will be given a list of precautions to take in the weeks before the PRP treatment. These precautions include avoiding specific medications you could be taking for various medical issues. Your doctor will also ask you to avoid smoking and drinking, and take a nutritious diet.

The entire session from the drawing of the blood to preparing the serum and injecting it takes around 30 to 45 minutes only. While you might experience some amount of swelling, you won’t need to take any down time. Your doctor will tell you that you can return to your normal activities right away and to continue to avoid the medications, smoking, and drinking for a week or two after the treatment.

Injecting the PRP Serum 

Dermatologists take every precaution possible to minimize any discomfort from the PRP for acne scars treatment. They apply a topical salve or cream or add epinephrine to the serum. This compound is FDA-approved and acts as a painkiller and anti-clotting agent. By injecting the PRP one millimeter into the scars, doctors stimulate the healing process. In the case of tougher keloids, your dermatologist may choose to break the fibers connecting the tissue to the skin so that it responds better to the therapeutic effects of the plasma.

Afterward, ice packs on the skin help reduce the inflammation. You can expect that any redness and swelling will settle within 24 to 48 hours. In the ensuing couple of weeks, as the layer of collagen and elastin rejuvenates, the scars will gradually vanish. And, since the scars and marks have actually healed, they are unlikely to come back.

Using Micro Needling with PRP Therapy

Depending on the condition of your skin, your dermatologist might choose to combine micro needling with the PRP serum for your skin. After cleansing the skin thoroughly, the doctor places a few drops of the serum on a particular section of the face and massages it gently. Next, using a micro needling pen, he runs it over the target area so that the serum can enter the skin through the minute pores that the microneedle creates. About 3 to 4 passes are made over each section before moving on to the next. The process repeats until the entire face has received treatment.

Follow-up Sessions of the PRP Injection

In case you have deeper scars, you might have to come back for additional sessions of the PRP injection for acne scars treatment. Your doctor is likely to schedule the subsequent sessions around four weeks apart. In this time, the serum can work to heal your skin. Of all the options for erasing skin flaws available today, the PRP injection for acne scars is the most effective. It is safe, does not use chemicals, and can give you the results you’re looking for, permanently. Try PRP therapy and walk away with radiant, beautiful skin.