Prp hair treatment

PRP Hair Treatment

Restore a full head of hair with natural looking results using the PRP Hair Treatment. With injections of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) that contain isolated human growth factors found naturally in healthy blood cells, you can naturally stimulate hair growth and treat hair loss in both men and women.


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Using Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy


Natural Treatment for Hair Loss Using PRP Hair Treatment

Advancements in the field of platelet rich plasma therapy have led to its use as a PRP hair treatment option. This therapy is ideal for sufferers of premature balding and hair loss. PRP for hair restoration purposes can provide natural looking results, without the need for costly surgical procedures. Using a thin needle, doctors inject Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) into your scalp after extracting it from your blood. The hair loss PRP solution contains platelet rich fibrin and growth factors that naturally stimulate new hair growth. And better yet, the PRP hair treatment is suitable for both men and women.

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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy: A Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Treatment

Platelet rich plasma therapy is an effective, non-surgical hair restoration treatment for male and female patients experiencing hair loss. PRP hair loss treatments are capable of treating balding and thinning hair. They use natural growth factors found in the human blood. The PRP hair therapy used to treat hair loss in men and women contains natural growth factors. These factors are at a concentration of at least 3 to 5 times that are found in your native plasma. The system eliminates granulocytes that hurt tissue regeneration and wound healing.

Administering the Treatment

The high concentration PRP hair treatment formula is then injected into the scalp.  Your doctor will likely use a specialty needle and inject carefully measured doses. After treatment, your hair is washed to clean the treated area, and you are able to leave without needing any assistance. The therapy requires no surgery, no scars, no sedation, and no medication. And, that makes this non-surgical hair restoration technique a breakthrough for hair loss sufferers.

In Short, Here’s What PRP for Hair Loss is All About

Highly effective for both men and women, PRP hair treatment can help reverse hair loss and stimulate the formation of new hair follicles along the hairline. Doctors use a PRP serum that they formulate from the blood of every individual patient. They inject this serum into the scalp so that the hair grows back thicker and stronger with a better shine, luster, and richer coloring. The PRP serum contains a concentration of growth factors, mesenchymal stem cell, cytokines, and other elements.  These cells create new blood vessels in the scalp to nourish it with a new infusion of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood.